EGG FERMENTERS as distributed by ABEVE

by ABEVE | October 12, 2020
EGG FERMENTERS as distributed by ABEVE

Egg vessels for those wineries seeking to add an extra layer of complexity to their wines or ciders.
High-Tech-Version Concrete Eggs:
the shape of the egg is in perfect geometrical harmony. It is ideal for storing wine because it does not have to contend with any edges or obstacles when it circulates around the vessel. The air passing through the egg’s concrete walls enables the desired polymers to form during the wine’s maturation process. Heavy wine molecules gliding down the inner sides of the oversized egg push the lighter wine molecules in the middle of the egg back up, resulting in a type of circulation. The wine can move around freely and completely unencumbered.
Concrete Egg volume of 908 litres supplied with top opening for breather and washing, Manhole on the side with sample tap & bottom ball valve.

Full stainless steel eggs also available with volumes of 500lt, 1000lt & 1500lt
Supplied with top manway with breather, side manway, 2 ball valves and sample tap. Oak Eggs with a s/steel base will be available in 2021. An option is an internal s/steel cooling plate supported by the top manway.

The following is a referral from Mr. Pierre Henry Cosyns, a French enologist of Biodynamic demeter wine, using the s/steel eggs:

The EGG design brings a refined touch, an innovative design and respect for the raw material, but also many advantages for the quality of white and red wines: the suspension of the lees is natural, the golden ratio is traced, the interior and exterior cleaning are optimized and simple, the use of steam is possible, the care of the fruit and the balance is unique (pH little impacted, no salting out, ...), the inalterability is certain, there is no there is no variability, the volatile compounds are respected, the share of angels is reduced to a minimum, and stainless steel is authorized for your cuvées certified in biodynamics. Thus, s/steel Eggs allow winemaking, aging or temporary storage in optimal hygienic conditions. They amplify the expression of the fruit, respect the typicity of the terroir and emphasize the authenticity of the aromas. A s/steel egg avoids tank transmits, distinguishes, enhances and singles out your grape varieties and your know-how. More than a design container, it is therefore a versatile, unique tool, which will bring precision and uniqueness to your most beautiful vintages

All Eggs are manufactured in Europe.