Albrigi speciality Fermentation and Maturation Tanks

Albrigi are the leading Italian tank manufacturer for the wine industry not only because of their superior manufacturing and finishing (culminating in a High Clean internal finish) but also because of their innovation in designing fermentation solutions to meet the requirements of the vintner or the grape variety.

If you are seeking a fermenter tank for Amarone or Noveau type wine, a ‘Pinot Pot’, Automated Red Fermenter, or a tank for cold maceration then Albrigi has solutions for your winery. They also have tanks designed specifically for ‘Battonage’ and Cold Stabilisation as well as manufacturing Egg tanks, Multitanks, Pressure tanks, Mixer tanks and Paletanks.

Albrigi offer a 25 year warranty on the stainless steel material and all of the welds for all of their tanks!

All Albrigi tanks are made only with the European Stainless Steel manufactured by Thyssen Krupp, with first quality BA finishing both sides. Inside of the tank is “mirror polished” with “rolled and levelled” circular and vertical soldering: “SISAL” polish that creates the self cleaning surface (HIGH CLEAN”). This “HIGH CLEAN" inside finish, endowed with an Original Food Certificate which is unique  in the oenological field, is ideal for tank washing with the simple use of standard spray balls fixed to the tank. With Albrigi tanks you don’t need to enter inside the tank to wash it.

Outside of the tank is a standard marble finish is made with vertical and circular welding polished grain 60, but other finishes are also available: Scotch Brite, Mirror Polish and Elegance. All accessories are mirror polished perfectly sterilizable with vapour and tested for an alimentary use. The welding of the bottom, top and cylinder is made automatically with TIG procedure, protected by ARGON inert gas. Albrigi tanks are finally tested with water for a totally guarantee: static pressure and mechanical pressure (legs and doors welding).

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