Anywhere in the world good wine and other beverages are produced Cadalpe is known and respected as a secure reliable partner. Since its foundation, more than forty years ago, Cadalpe stands out in the national and international scene for the constant technological innovation applied to the food & beverage industries.

Cadalpe machines incorporate efficiency and cutting edge technology that over the years have met the needs of several different areas, such as wine making, distilling, many types of beverages, fruit juice, cooking oil, dairy products and other industrial uses.

Cadalpe is renowned for equipment dedicated to wine making over the entire cycle of vinification, refrigeration, filtration, storage, stabilization, concentration and pasteurization up to the start of the bottling line. Please view our Cadalpe range of wine filters

Cadalpe distillation lines are constantly updated with exclusive solutions, some of which are patented, which will achieve end products of guaranteed superior quality. See our Distilling range

Cadalpe's long experience has led to the production of a range of effective and reliable brewery equipment fitted with parts exclusive to them for turnkey solutions with great performance. See our Micro Brevery range

Cadalpe has ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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