CMA was started in 1982 as a result of its founding members' previous experience in leading companies in the sector and is specialised in producing enological machinery for small and medium size wineries and is able to meet the demands of an ever-growing market thanks to its artisan type character.

At the present CMA products can be found not only in Italy, but also in Germany, France, Austria and in Australia for over 15 years.

This progressive company growth is due to the promotion of mutual trust with its clients, who in turn help the company to preserve the up-to-date quality of the machinery it produces.

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Today wineries seek out CMA for their innovative Dream destemmer and their RollTec berry sorter; though their introduction to the company traditionally has been through the Lugana destemmer which has proved to be well suited for the small and start up winery.

The DREAM is the new patented destemmer for a delicate grape process.

The destemming of grapes is achieved thanks to a swinging - shaking motion of a plastic cage properly perforated according to the variety of grapes and controlled by a frequency inverter.

This represents a delicate method to pick grapes off obtaining intact bunches, thanks to its gentle movement.

On the lower part of DREAM there is a roller sorting table (Rolltec) to separate the stems from the whole destemmed grape. It is made up of rollers different in their opening which eliminates all MOG from the destemmed parts.

The ROLLTEC is the sorting table with rollers for the separations of the grapes from MOG - stems, leaves, little unripe or dried grapes and other external parts.

It is the leading design in the wine industry for this type of machine featuring vibrating feed plate; separate rollers for the removal small particulates, and then the larger rollers allowing the selected berries to fall through. The RollTec features independent control for each set of rollers giving the winemaker the ability to adapt the process to each grape variety and quality of fruit receival

The LUGANA series are the long standing staple destemmer designed for the small winery seeking a unit which has excellent quality to price ratio.

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