EKINSA started as a family-owned business in 1981. Their main objective was developing new applications in the high pressure field. The company became EQUIPAMIENTOS INDUSTRIALES S.A in 1998. Today, with more than 37 years of experience, they offer design and manufacturing solutions to industrial container cleaning. Hence, provide flexible technological development and allow their customers to improve competiveness, gaining economic and social value.

One of the key areas for company growth was the wine sector. Today, with a 75-80% ratio of the national market, EKINSA is leader for its devices and barrel treatment systems. Also, it benefits from a superb reputation in other national and international markets due to its valuable client portfolio.

EKINSA offers two barrel cleaner units:

The semi automatic Double Barrel Washer and the Automatic Barrel Cleaning Line

Both units are available with an upgrade to include the Bolondi cleaning heads.

For additional information please see the EKINSA website