REDA is a worldwide supplier of food processing equipment founded on top engineering and high level performance research. Their technologies are based on development of excellence values in terms of quality, performance and durability with one sole aim: represent the best solution for customer's needs.

In over thirty years they have developed the best process technologies for a wide range of liquid foods, including liquids with solids content or high viscosity products.

REDA employ State-Of-The-Art technologies and control systems to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of their products, from the smallest and simplest equipment up to the most complex complete production lines.

All their plants optimize consumptions of energy, water and other natural resources, while maximizing production efficiency.

REDA offer solutions for the following industries:

Some of the finest wines and beers from Europe, Australian and New Zealand benefit from the clarity and brightness achieved by the centrifugal force of REDA clarifiers.

In recent years, market trends require more and more frequently less alcoholic wines and in this regard REDA cold dealcoholization system satisfies quickly and with excellent results this demand.

For red wines REDA has developed a new polyphenols extraction technique that allows to optimize the potential of grapes by obtaining great red wines. See Reda Polyphenol Extractors

Dairy products are fundamental to maintain a complete nutritional balance. The dairy industry is capable to process milk and milk by-products to the highest standards thanks to sophisticated engineering applications both in production and in the process control. See also our Food and Dairy Range

Italy is well-known as one of the world biggest producers of fruits and tomato as well.

That is why their business is strong in: fruit purées and concentrates pasteurizing, self-cleaning juice clarifiers and complete fruit juices-nectars blending systems starting from natural concentrates.

REDA provides its experience and expertise in the process and thermal treatment of a wide range of special foods. For example: soy milk, rice milk, baby foods, soft drinks, isotonic drinks, tea, natural extracts, essential oils, liquid eggs and honey. See also our Juices and Fruit Range

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