Armbruster Rotovib

The grape is the essence of a fine wine. Delicate grapes can be crafted into fascinating, great wines. This promise can only be kept if the fruit is treated with respect. At Armbruster, they have a passion for grapes, now spanning four generations. They know that grapes must be de-stemmed with the utmost care to preserve their essence; the promise of becoming a fine wine.

How to transition from a simple grape to a great wine?

The investment in grape and berry sorting equipment works best when you have a majority of whole berries, so the Rotovib was designed to provide this. The operator can "tune" the Rotovib to provide the best results for the grape variety, ripeness, grape condition, and processing speed.

Armbruster can then supply the necessary grape receival – sorting - conveying and pumping equipment to ensure the utmost respect is conveyed to the properly destemmed berries.

Gentle grape receival is shown in the Armbruster range of Vibrating Hoppers, Tipping Hoppers and Hydraulic Lifting Transport Wagons.

Berry sorting - conveyors is supplied in roller sorters, vibrating tables, sorting tables and elevators.

For the winery seeking a more workhorse destemmer, Armbruster manufacture the Roto series providing the perfect combination of quality German manufacturing , a full s/steel build and an easy to clean design.

Please find the attached link to the Rotovib Armbruster website