Sraml are the leading European suppliers of comprehensive solutions for producing juices and pulps from fruit and vegetables. They are the first company not only supplying machines but also offering purpose-made technology. Their main goal in designing production lines is their uncompromising focus on the quality of the end products. The customer can rely on Sraml's solid partnership to devise solutions from fresh fruits to packaged products.

Sraml's pneumatic grape presses are built on a vast experience, having following the needs of wine producers for more than twenty years to make top quality equipment. Sraml wine presses are supplied with integrated smart solutions, but still offer an excellent price to quality ratio for the small and start up winery. Models are available with a closed or slotted tank to accommodate each winemaking philosophy. See: Sraml pneumatic presses for wine.

Sraml enable the customer to manage the quality of their products along the entire production line, including the final stage of filling bag-in-boxes or bottles. With a choice between automatic and manual filling units the customer has the option of guaranteeing the reliability of the packaging and the quality of their products. Increased reliability with a single supplier Sraml filling units are a reliable solution for upgrading processing lines and increasing production through-put.

Sraml can offer you customized designs and full support for your productions processes.

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