WFT, your trusted partner for Wine Technology

For more than 20 years WFT has been developing first-rate fermentation control systems, truly delivering to the cellar what is best in wine technology.

With VinPilot® series they propose an unmatched product in terms of performances and adaptability, giving the customer all the tools for production needs. From a simple tank temperature control device to a complete cellar climate management solution, WFT have everything to meet the customer demands.

Each cellar and each winemaker have different needs and a different approach towards winemaking, WFT made a point in developing complementary solutions with high modularity while performing at the best level. The winemaker can be sure to find the right VinPilot® fermentation control systems to get the most out of their wine production.

All VinPilot® products are IP67 certified. For the customer, it is the guarantee of an optimal resistance against dust and water for an uncompromising use even in the most difficult conditions.

They also come with a 5-year warranty.

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WFT key products:

VinPilot One:- individual tank temperature controllers connected to the valve on the dimple plate; linked by a simple 2 wire connection to a transformer powering multiple units.

VinPilot Manager:- Software management for the complete winery – cellar and offers a wide range of options to manage and control your fermentation process from the start to the very end. Processes include: Temperature difference control (using two different probes); micro and macro oxygenation; Air conditioning control (temperature and humidity); CO2 monitoring; Pulse air control; wine batch management with records of analysis for complete traceability.

VinPilot Pro:- a world leading fermentation control system, combines cutting-edge control technologies with functional design. Working with the VinPilot Manager software in addition to standard temperature control, the Pro offers plenty of options in terms of monitoring and control over your production.

VinPilot Smart:- It can be easily attached on tanks using a variation of mountings, and is equipped with a stainless temperature probe or a remote cable probe. It can also operate through the software VinPilot® Manager and VinPilot® Go mobile App for Android and iOS the wine batch management system.

VinPilot Easy:- It was designed for the winemakers willing to connect their temperature control system to a computer but want to keep it simple. The VinPilot® Easy software gives a clear overview of the cellar. Apart from basic temperature regulation, you can also define a temperature profile that will be followed automatically by the system.

VinPilot Panel:- gives the cellar access to a modern central control unit to keep a constant overview of tank temperatures. Its main goal is to offer the best value for money with maximal reliability and usability. There is the possibility to install the VinPilot Manager from the winery office to work with the panel.

VinPilot Compact:- A mobile controller that includes a valve and a transformer that can monitor and control a fermenter with a cooling plate/tube. Also ideal for a mobile tank.

VinPilot Go:- embarks all the features of our VinPilot® Manager software on the customer Android or iOS phone, for an easy operability of cellar production right in their pocket.

VinPilot ProValve:- By choosing a motorized ball valve over a more common solenoid valve provides the following benefits:

  • No outages due to limescale, tiny particles or dirt
  • Slow opening and closing which avoids pressure shocks
  • The motor may be removed to allow the manual opening of the valve and an easy maintenance.

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