|Destemmer and Open Throat Pump underneath Enlarge
  • |Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • |CMA Lugana 1 Destemmer Crusher
  • |Optional Plastic Cage
  • |Optional receival hopper to allow connection to a pump

CMA Lugana Destemmer Crushers

The CMA ‘Lugana’ Destemmers are manufactured for those wineries seeking an economical unit for a new winery.


  • Built in Stainless Steel.
  • Rubber coated s/steel destemming pegs
  • Rotating S/Steel Cage
  • Variable Speed
  • Crushing Rollers swing away for destemmed only grapes and cleaning purposes.
  • Rubber Crushing Rollers are adjustable in width.
  • The destemmer is easily pulled apart for cleaning purposes.


  • Plastic Cage for a softer separation of berry from stalk
  • Auger Hopper to receive the destemmed crushed berries and feed a connected pump
  • S/Steel Leg Extensions to allow a sorting table or picking bin underneath
  • Removal of crushing unit, installing it as a destemmer only


Lugana 1 with production of 4 to 6 Tons/Hour

Lugana 2 with production of 7 to 9 Tons/Hour


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