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Albrigi Criotank


The Criotank was designed for the maceration of white, rose or red grapes on skins especially with the aid of a heat exchanger. But the Criotank with its sloping perforated floor is also ideal for the fermentation of red wines allowing easy pump overs and also drainage of juice, then extraction of skins.


1,000 up to 30,000 litres; Larger sizes available upon special request.


  • Standard tanks built in 304 Aisi Stainless Steel with the usual mirror finish inside (BA) and rolled/polished welds of Albrigi tanks. This ensures an easy and high clean tank suitable for the modern winery.
  • 30° Sloping Perforated Screen Floor that can be dismantled for removal
  • Irrigator and Pipe for pump overs 
  • Rectangle Door and top Manway
  • Dimple Plate (Cooling/Heating Jacket) available in horizontal or vertical strips. Twin jackets also available. 
  • Sample Tap, Ladder Rest and Lifting Hooks
  • Thermometer and provision for Temperature Probe
  • 2 Outlets at Racking and Drainage points with S/Steel Ball Valves 


  • Oval Racking Door
  • 80mm Insulation with S/Steel Cladding over the dimple plates or the whole tank

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