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Albrigi Gravitank (Gravity Discharge Tanks)

GRAVITANK - Gravity Discharge Tanks

The Gravitank has a floor design for the extraction of the marc using gravity. This design makes the skins extraction process clean and simple without the requirement for manual labour and mechanization. The long legs allow the discharge of the skins into a bin or even directly into a press via a chute.

These tanks are usually manufactured as a closed top version with ‘pump over pipe’ or plunger. But they Gravitank can also be manufacture with an open top as a better version of the pinot pot design. 


1,000 up to 20,000 litres; Larger sizes available upon special request.


  • Standard tanks built in 304 Aisi Stainless Steel with the usual mirror finish inside (BA) and rolled/polished welds of Albrigi tanks. This ensures an easy and high clean tank suitable for the modern winery.
  • 45° Sloping Base  with
  • Round Door 400mm with hydraulic pump for opening 
  • Closed Top Tank with Manhole and Breather
  • Sample Tap, Ladder Rest and Lifting Hooks
  • Thermometer and provision for Temperature Probe
  • 1500mm welded Legs with options for more elevation.
  • 2 Outlets at Racking and Drainage points with S/Steel Ball Valves 


  • Open Top version with option of a adding a VC lid or
  • Dimple Plate (Cooling/Heating Jacket) available in horizontal or vertical strips. Twin jackets to allow separate heating and cooling also available.
  • Extended legs
  • Plunger unit that clamps down on the top of the tank
  • ‘Delestage’ Bars for cap splitting during ‘pump overs’.
  • Irrigator and pump over pipe
  • Pump and PLC Control Board for automatic ‘pump overs’
  • Micro/Macro Oxidation unit either fixed or mobile
  • 80mm Insulation with S/Steel Cladding over the dimple plates or the whole tank

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