Albrigi VC Tank Conical base with Dimple| Enlarge
  • Albrigi VC Tank conical base|
  • Albrigi VC Tank with lid off|
  • Albrigi VC Lid with crane|
  • Albrigi VC Lid|
  • Albrigi VC tank insulated |
  • Dimple Plate on VC Lid|

Albrigi Large Variable Capacity Tanks

For Fermentation and Storage


2,000 up to 20,000 litres; Larger sizes available upon special request.


  • Standard tanks built in 304 Aisi Stainless Steel with the usual mirror finish inside (BA) and rolled/polished welds of Albrigi tanks. This ensures an easy and high clean tank suitable for the modern winery.
  • 10° Conical Floor tanks for total drainage
  • Round or Oval Door
  • S/Steel Floating Lid with inflatable seal & air pump, Crane and Winch. 
  • Sample Tap, Ladder Rest and Lifting Hooks
  • Thermometer and provision for Temperature Probe
  • 400mm welded Legs with options for 750 and 1000mm.
  • 2 Outlets at Racking and Drainage points with S/Steel Butterfly Valves


  • Dimple Plate (Cooling/Heating Jacket) available in horizontal or vertical strips. Twin jackets to allow separate heating and cooling also available.
  • Racking Oval Door as a secondary access.
  • Extended legs up to 1000mm.
  • Hermetic (sealing) Lid to convert the VC tank into a storage unit.
  • 80mm Insulation with S/Steel Cladding over the dimple plates or the whole tank

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