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Albrigi Volvotank


The Volvotank has a patented system, featuring a slowly rotating s/steel disc, for gently massaging the grapes in red ferments. The Volvo is ideally suited for premium red ferments where there are long macerations or where the skin to juice ratio is high (raisined grapes). The rotations of the disc is controlled by the installed PLC. 


2,000 up to 30,000 litres; Larger sizes available upon special request.


  • Standard tanks built in 304 Aisi Stainless Steel with the usual mirror finish inside (BA) and rolled/polished welds of Albrigi tanks. This ensures an easy and high clean tank suitable for the modern winery.
  • S/Steel Slow Rotating Disc which features cooling jacket inside
  • S/Steel Control Board with PLC with automatic program which can be determined by temperature or speed.
  • Pipe for pump overs
  • Flat Base with sweeping arm for marc removal
  • Rectangle Door and top Manway, both with protective grilles.
  • Dimple Plate (Cooling/Heating Jacket) available in horizontal or vertical strips. Twin jackets to allow separate heating and cooling also available.
  • Macro/Micro Oxygenation injecting point
  • Sample Tap, Ladder Rest and Lifting Hooks
  • Thermometer and provision for Temperature Probe
  • 2 Outlets at Racking and Drainage points with S/Steel Ball Valves
  • Perspex Viewing Window


  • Pump
  • 80mm Insulation with S/Steel Cladding over the dimple plates or the whole tank
  • Installation of rubber blades (with s/steel supports) on the rotary arms fixed to the base to allow the Volvotank to abe also used for 'battonage'.

The following is are two videos with the first explaining the operation of the Albrigi Volvotank and the second showing it's installation in a winery producing Amarone:

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