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Armbruster Roto Destemmer Crushers

The Armbruster ROTO destemmer crushers are robust units built for Australian wineries to process gently hand and machine picked grapes. Productions range from 10 to 60 ton per hour.


Armbruster are German bulit destemmers with a strongly built frame, using high quality s/steel materials and corrsion resistant plastics to guarantee a lnong working life.

The shaft is specially designed to distribute the grapes evenly in the cage to ensure optimum destemming.

A slow rotating destemming shaft driven by a variable speed motor to ensure a soft destemming and minimal breakage of stalks.

The destemming cage is manufactured with impact resistant PA(nylon) plastic. The cage can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise according to the winemakers choice.

Food Grade Crushing rollers with adjustable width.


Roto 10 - production up to 10 ton/hr
Roto 20 - production up to 20 ton/hr
Roto 30 - production up to 30 ton/hr
Roto 40 - production up to 40 ton/hr
Roto 60 - production up to 60 ton/hr

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