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Armbruster GrapeSort an automatic berry selector

Armbruster are an established manufacturer of premium destemmers, grape receival and sorting equipment in the wine industry. The GrapeSort is quality German manufacturing made in  cooperation with the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences and Fraunhofer Institute IOSB in Karlsruhe has developed an optical sorting system aimed at modifying the optical components and image analysis so that in addition to segregating foreign matter sorting could be achieved according to various maturity criteria.

Armbruster Kelterei-Technologie GmbH assumed responsibility for developing and creating the optical sorting system, focused on mechanical selection according to various maturity parameters, reduction of air entry and juice atomization, steadied material feeding, singling of the grapes after destemming, accelerating them to approx. 3 m/sec and effectively feeding the grapes to the optical sorting unit without intrinsic motion on the conveyor belt. Cleaning of the sorting system and user-friendly quality control by enhanced operating concepts were other key objectives.

The GrapeSort optical sorting system has been developed with a main focus put on separating MOG (material other than grapes). Never before has an equally high level of precision in MOG separation been achieved. The high-resolution 4-channel-camera RGB+NIR precisely detects flaws, such as the early stage of dried-up grapes. Lighting with tailored LED lamps (alternating white LEDs and infrared LEDs) and purpose-developed software by Fraunhofer Institute IOSB meets the high market demands made on product quality and safety, providing the ultimate sorting solution for maximum quality in grape processing. Easy access due to the open design of the housing and belt removal from the conveyor belt with pneumatic quick-release facilitates and accelerates cleaning and maintenance. 

Production: 10 Tons per Hour

Improve the quality of your berry selection to improve the quality of your wine and therefore your price point!