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Bolondi Barrel Washer

Water pressure driven barrel cleaner, eliminates the need motors and electrical wiring. The gearing is all enclosed which reduces damage, breakdowns and maintenance costs. A proven unit in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Water pressure driven rotating head (no motors are installed).
  • Choice of a stainless steel rotating spray head with 4 or 2 nozzles.
  • A 4 nozzle spray cycle is 25 rotations with complete cycle time of only 66 seconds!
  • The Bolondi can operate with cold or hot water with a suggested maximum temperature of 90 to 95°C
  • Recommended cleaning time with water is 2.5minutes with a 4 nozzle unit or 5 minutes with a 2 nozzle spray unit 
  • Our Bolondi barrel washer can be adjusted to work with any commercial water pressure unit on the market with a recommended operating pressure for cleaning a wooden barrel of 100 - 130bar.
  • The maximum operating pressure of the standard Bolondi is 150bar; though special units can be ordered that reach 200bar.
  • The suggested flow rate for the installation of a 4 spray nozzle Bolondi unit is between 16 - 30litres per minute. Those wineries seeking high pressure with a wide spray weight will want to install 2 nozzle spray (1.4 to 1.5mm holes).
  • For wineries with smaller commercial water pressure units delivering 8 to 15lts/min, a 2 nozzle unit is required that needs a longer working cycle. 
  • Available Spray Nozzles are in stock from 0.95mm to 1.2mm holes, special orders for spray heads with 1.3 to 1.7mm nozzles (usually 2 spray) can be made available from Italy.
  • The Bolondi barrel cleaner has s/steel body, bearings and cog gears; plastic gears; internal NBR seals and is supplied with an internal pre-filter screen on the 12mm inlet.
  • Mounted on a custom design trolley, delivering the water down the frame pipe. Entry into the barrel is conducted when it is rotated having the bung hole at the bottom (6 o’clock position) sitting on the rack (all brands welcome). The trolley has 3 points for the wheels to allow adjustment in the height of the barrel cleaning head.
  • High pressure chrome brass 12mm bsp ball valve is installed on the trolley pipe inlet, with a M22 brass connector. The customer can easily remove this M22 fitting and install quick connect fittings to the ball valve.

Here is a video of a 4 nozzle Bolondi at work in the Barossa Valley