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Cadalpe Earth Filters for Beer, Cider and Juice with a Manual Discharge

The C31 Earth Filter is designed for filtering small filter amounts taking into account the specific operational needs to provide performance equal to those of the most sophisticated pre-coat filters.


Engineered to filter carbonated beverages up to 6 bar (PED certification) is the standard design for the beer/cider industries.

Housing Bell manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Frame & piping manufactured in S/Steel

Horizontal Aisi 316 S/Steel filtering screens of 50 micron designed especially for beer products. The spacers are manufactured in stainless steel again a key difference specific for the beer/cider beverages.

Mixing Tank with dosing pump

S/Steel Feed Pump selected to tolerate temperatures up to 85 degrees to assist with cleaning.

Electric Control Board

Sight-glasses & Flow-meter  

Cake unloading conducted by the water jets actioning on the rotating discs.

Final rinsing conducted using a measured amount of water.

Exclusive Cadalpe system for unloading the filtering discs.


Residual/Final Filtration system with recycling

Non PED version (not able to handle carbonated products)

Basin/Tub for collecting the cake, in AISI 304 stainless steel, movable and completed with wheels in order to allow its positioning under the filter during the phase of discharge and transfer of cake.

Models, Filtering Surface & Production:

C31-03 has 3mtsq with rates up to 9,000 Lts/Hr

C31-04 has 4mtsq with rates up to 12,000 Lts/Hr

C31-05 has 5mtsq with rates up to 15,000 Lts/Hr

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