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Cadalpe Juice Concentrators

C19 and C38 CONCENTRATION UNITS, are able to perform the cycle of concentration of grape juice or apple juice in a continuous process. This cycle is controlled by a group of automatisms operating at the key-points of the processing line and based on an original control system of final concentration degree.

According to the most up-to-date planning trends, the process utilizes the combination “low temperatures - minimum contact times”, warranting high concentration degree, up to 72° Brix, without causing taste and flavour alterations of the product, but keeping its whole aroma.

A typical C19 plant consists of the following main elements:

Two stages plate-heat recovery exchanger. 
Descending Flow Evaporators & Evaporation chambers (operating at 25° - 35°C)
Condenser & Condensates extraction groups. 
Process motor-driven pumps and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Electrical control panel, Connecting pipes and Supporting Frame all manufactured in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel. 

A C38 plant is a heat pump concentrator comprising the above elements but working under a Hard Vacuum with an operating evaporation temperature of only 20° - 24°C

C38 Concentrator 01 & 02 with evaporations of 100lts & 200lts/Hr respectively
C19 Simplex 03 & 05 with evaporations of 300lts & 500lts/Hr respectively
C19 Duplex 01 with an evaporation of 1,0000lts/Hr
C19 Two Stage units with evaporations from 1,500lts & 8,000lts/Hr
C19 Three Stage units with evaporations from 2,000lts & 8,000lts/Hr


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