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Cadalpe Mixer Tanks

The C11 patented dissolving-mixing tank is characterized by a special inner turbine that – by operating the positioning lever – allows to carry out the following alternative functions:

  • to dissolve soluble solid substances in liquids, or to maintain in suspension non soluble solid substances;
  • to emulsify non soluble liquid substances;
  • to convey the product, with the same performances as a centrifugal pump.

It has a wide application range, mainly where an efficacious unit is required for mixing, homogenizing, etc.

It is entirely made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, including the inner elements; ther is a cover that can be partially removed for access.

There are 2 options for strirrers: a fast revolution speed used in wineries for mixing bentonite and gelatin; or a slow revolving stirrer for sugar solutions  

The C11 is mounted on adjustable feet or, alternatively, on wheels, for an easy displacement.

Models- Volumes available: 500lt, 1000lt, 1500lt & 2000lt

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