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Cadalpe Refrigeration Monoblocs with incorporated tank (smaller models)

These Intercooler Air-Monobloc C10 models with incorporated buffer tank and recycle pump, are a complete 'plug in and play' refrigeration solution for the small winery.

The smaller C10 monoblocs only need to chill the volume of glycol-water inside the incorporated buffer tank plus whatever pipes and jacketed tanks are connected, so are therefore are a very efficient unit to operate.

These units are provided to be put outside or inside the buildings if there’s enough air exchange.

Compact unit, formed by the following main components:

Rotary hermetic Scroll compressor complete with thermal overload protection.

Internal Buffer Tank (to hold the working glycol/water mix) with included transfer pump

AISI 316 s/steel plate type evaporator complete with differential manostat.

Condensing battery made of copper tubes and aluminum fins having a high exchange surface. The fans are of axial type, with protection grill for accident prevention. The fans are controlled by a device for continuous setting of rotation speed according to the pressure of condensation.

Cooling circuit made by copper pipes and complete with the following fittings: dryer filter, sight glass of liquid passage, thermal expansion valve with external equalizer, and safety manostats for high and low pressure.

Electric board of power and control, complete with microprocessor control system for process phases management.

Supporting frame in galvanized steel sheet with coating in hot galvanized steel sheet, with special treatment to assure the total resistance to the atmospheric agents.


Air-water heat pump, with reversed cycle system and 4-way valve. When hot water is produced, the evaporator to which the water circuit is connected acts as a condenser, while air condensing battery acts as an evaporator. 



C10 4 producing 8,600 Kcal per hour with glycol-water at 10 degrees

C10 7 producing 16,300 Kcal per hour with glycol-water at 10 degrees

C10 10 producing 23,000 Kcal per hour with glycol-water at 10 degrees

C10 12 producing 27,500 Kcal per hour with glycol-water at 10 degrees

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