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  • Cadalpe C26-04 RDV|
  • Cadalpe RDV Dead Angle| Left image shows the competition. Right image is Cadalpe with reduced exposed area.
  • Cadalpe optional Residual Filtration system |
  • Cadalpe optional Scraping Paddle|Keeps uniform the thickness of the lees deposited on the pre-coat.
  • Cadalpe optional Wash Ramp|
  • Cadalpe optional Heat Exchanger| It will reduce the water consumption of the vacuum pump

Cadalpe Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter (RDV)

The Cadalpe RDV is a patented design model conceived according to the cellar specific needs: filtration of must bottoms, fresh must and fining or settling sediments.


The most important differing feature of the Cadalpe RDV in comparison to other units is the amount of “dead angle”, which is the uncovered strip underneath the knife cut (see attached drawing). Cadalpe has a ‘patented’ design that reduces this uncovered strip to 3-4cm, while in competing brands it can be 20-30cm. By reducing this uncovered strip Cadalpe provide the following benefits:

a/ increase of the submerged drum surface allowing higher drum speed and hourly production rates (by10%).

b/ decrease of the power used by the vacuum pump  

Importantly the quoted filtering surface area is the true naked area and not with the cake formed on top!

The inside of the drum is kept in ‘depression’ and with the installed s/steel pump to collect the filtered product there is considerably less foaming & oxidation compared to other RDV’s on the market.

Hydro-Dynamic system is a unique installation of a manifold with a set of distributors that cover the length of the drum to maintain the homogenous mix of water and D.E. during the pre-coat stage. This system allows the drum and vat to be closer together, which provides the benefit of reducing the final unfiltered product at the end of the cycle.

In case of power failure the drum is kept in depression, providing longer hold time of the cake.

AISI 304 stainless steel drum, with stiffened cylinder wall. The filtering mesh is a fine 65 micron made in Aisi 316 s/steel. This porosity mesh is the finest on the market for RDV’s.

Extra s/steel framing supports all the components. The vat is not self-bearing, which is again unique for this type of filter.  

The shaving knife, with interchangeable blade sectors, is made of hardened special steel and coupled to an AISI 304 stainless steel blade holder. Blade feed speed is controlled by an electronic impulse system adjustable through a potentiometer. An electronic device allows both forward/reverse fast speed. On the largest models (20mtsq+) the blade is strengthened to reduce bending/oscillations that can cause cutting irregularities. Also installed is a blade cover for protection against accidents.

Variable Speed on the drum rotation

4 pumps are installed on the Cadalpe RDV filter: S/Steel Feed Pump, Cast Iron Vacuum Pump (S/Steel version is optional), S/Steel Recycling pump to prepare the pre-coat, and S/Steel Extraction pump. 

Installed is a thermostatic control of the temperature of the water needed for the liquid ring vacuum pump, this optimizes it’s consumption.

With stand alone s/steel mixing tank with protective covers 


Self-Regulating Scraping Paddle, recommended in particular for the filtration of wine lees, uniforms the thickness of these lees deposited on the pre-coat. It prevents the build-up of any solids that can cause irregularity in the cutting process. The movement of this paddle is regulated by the advancement of the cutting blade.

Residual Product Filtration system

Wash Ramp for the automatic washing of the drum with water  

Heat Exchanger for vacuum pump to reduce it’s water consumption

S/Steel Vacuum Pump(s)

Discharge Earth Conveyor belts.

Pneumatic Valve to stop product flow in case of pump stoppage.

Wheels on smaller models

Models, Surface Area & Production with wine lees (high solids):

C26-03 with 2.7mtsq filtering 540Lts/Hour

C26-04 with 4mtsq filtering 800Lts/Hour

C26-06 with 5.4mtsq filtering 1,200Lts/Hour

C26-1 with 10mtsq filtering 2,000Lts/Hour

C26-2 with 20mtsq filtering 4,000Lts/Hour

C26-3 with 30mtsq filtering 6,000Lts/Hour

C26-4 with 40mtsq filtering 8,000Lts/Hour

Larger models are available upon special request.