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Carbonation - Bright Beer Tanks

Pressure Tanks for the carbonation of ciders and beer using an installed scinter stone. ABEVE offer these from Italian and Chinese manufacturers depending on the budget of the customer

Cooling is required for these tanks to ensure the proper carbonation and this can be completed by a welded full tank cooling jacket with insulation.  For those companies seeking a cheaper installtion a single wall tank can be supplied for installation into a cool room.


500 up to 20,000 litres; Larger sizes available upon special request.


  • Standard tanks built in 304 Aisi Stainless Steel.
  • A Dish or Conical Floor is manufactured in the tank
  • Mixer, either fixed or mobile
  • Pressure tested Door
  • S/Steel Scinter for diffusion of gas
  • Sample Tap, Ladder Rest and Lifting Hooks
  • Pressure Gauge and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Thermometer and provision for Temperature Probe
  • 2 Outlets at Racking and Drainage points with PED calibrated S/Steel Ball Valves
  • CIP systems 


  • Full Dimple Plate (Cooling/Heating Jacket)
  • 80mm Insulation with S/Steel Cladding for the full tank