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CMA RollTec berry sorter

The ROLLTEC is an innovative  sorting table with rollersfor the separations of the grapes from MOG - stems, leaves, little unripe or dried grapes and other external parts.

The ROLLTEC has a vibrating hopper on the inlet side of the machine which equally conveys the grapes onto the sorting rollers.

The rollers are divided in two parts:

- the first section has six rotating axles with rollers properly designed to eliminate unripe or dried grapes, stalks and all small residual items.

- the second section has nineteen rotating axles with rollers  that allow the whole grapes fall through, thanks to their special shape.

The rollers hold stalks and leaves until their elimination in the discharge conveyor.

 The distance between the rollers is easily adjustable through a handle wheel on the outside the machine. The setting of the first roller section is independent from the second section, this is in order to adapt the process in the best way both for separation of the debris and for the sieve of the sorted grapes.

Under the first section of the rollers there is a collection tank for the debris and separation of the juice. 

There is an optional conveyor hopper that goes under the second section of the rollers that directs the selected product so it can be sent to other machines (pumps, tables,etc).

The ROLLTEC is on a height adjustable heavy frame, in order to be better adapted to other machines and crush pad layout requirements.

The frame is on four castors with brakes for easy movement.

The control panel is on an adjustable rotating arm, with electronic speed variator allowing the setting of the roller speed.


• Collection tank with motorized auger to continuous expulsion of waste and recycling of the must.

• Lower hopper conveyor (available in several dimensions).

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