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Continuous Distillation units by Cadalpe

The C7 columns, adopted in the continuous distillation of wines, light wines and waste from pomace and fermented fruits, are expression of the most original Cadalpe tradition and guarantee final product of superior quality (brandy, “grappa”, fruit distillates).

The plant consists of three or two tray columns, of the type with cups, depending on whether or not it is necessary to reduce the content of methyl alcohol and compounds of unwanted light.

Six Models are available


Columns made in stainless steel and copper

Complete with:

Distillation Column, Purifying Column, Rectifying Column, Condensers and Coolers.

Piping is made in s/steel and copper.

Included are Taps, Feeding Pump and still-slops Extraction Pump.

The control panel has IP55 protection for areas not restricted.

Special ancillary equipment for:

• alcoholic vapours desulphurizing (quality improvement);

• alcohol separation (reduction under legal limits);

• amyl-oils extraction (taste refining).

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