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Ekinsa Automatic barrel cleaner line

Ekinsa manufacture a modern, fast, safe and efficient Automatic barrel washing line, with multiple functions and a customized design including:

  • Automatic barrel and/or rack loading/unloading.
  • Single or double automatic emptying.
  • Lees draining and possible collection.
  • Cold water rinsing with low pressure cold water.
  • High pressure multi-steaming (10 Bar 120ºC)
  • Hot Water high pressure wash with hot water (90º) with multidirectional rotative nozzle.
  • Cold Water High pressure wash with multidirectional rotative nozzle.
  • Drained barrels by gravity.
  • Empty stations for Sulphur tablet burning and rest.
  • Single or double automatic filling.
  • Manual refilling module.
  • Automatic barrel unloading and stacking.
  • Final rinsing with ozonized cold water for disinfection.
  • External barrel washing and brushing.
  • External drying of barrels by blowing air under pressure
  • Indoor drying of barrels by means of pression air.
  • Sulphur gas injection with automatic dispenser.
  • Auxiliary line to take faulty barrels away.
  • Control of computerized traceability through RFyD