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EKINSA Double Barrel Cleaner

The EKINSA double barrel washer is equipped with two multi directional rotative heads. A hot or cold high pressure water jet is used to clean the internal area of the barrel in 90″, performing an optimal and safe cleaning process.

Easy barrel loading on rack. This device is suitable for wineries who are not willing to move barrels from the rack, saving them time and effort.

Barrel counter and CEE electrical cabinet with latest generation PLC to control the machine operation.

Possibility to include touchscreen, rinsing, steaming, etc.

All sensitive parts of the machine (engine, reduction gears, etc) are protected from water.

Its design guarantees a long useful life. It is made of stainless steel which is simple to maintain and easy to clean.

The AUTOMATIC model allows working with a single operator.

Combined cycle with multiple functions:

  • Hot/Cold wash.
  • High and low pressure washing.
  • Steaming of the barrels.
  • Collection and channelling of turbids and lees.
  • Operate with remote control.

* Suitable for 225-300 and 600 Lts. barrels.

* NOTE: Auxiliary equipment (pressurized water machine and steam generator) is not included in the standard equipment.