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Electronic Turbine Flowmeters and Litre Counters


The axial turbine and the solid state sensor provide high standards quality and accuracy.

Powered by 2x1.5V AA alkaline standard batteries; minimum lifetime 1000 working hours.

LCD 6 digit Display

Touch-pad button for reset after every measurement or to display the instant flow.

Supplied with BSM, TriClover or BSP fittings.

AISI 316 or 304 body, AISI 430 turbine and Ceramic or PVDF supports.

IP 65 protection grade (for electronic parts).

Possibility to change the division factor “K” in order to adjust the precision rate to the pump used.

Accuracy of +/- 1% with Repeatability of +/- 0.5%

Operating Temperature of -10° to 90°C

Maximum Operating Pressure of 16Bar

Cheaper PVC versions available for transfers of water.


CL10 with 19mm pipe (3/4") with min/max flow rate of 7 to 70 lts per minute

CL15 with 25mm pipe (1") with min/max flow rate of 10 to 100 lts per minute

CL21 with 38mm pipe (1 1/4") with min/max flow rate of 35 to 350 lts per minute

CL25 with 50mm pipe (2") with min/max flow rate of 75 to 750 lts per minute

CL30 with 75mm pipe (3") with min/max flow rate of 150 to 1500 lts per minute

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