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Cadalpe C27 300lt Still for Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Grappa & Fruit Distillates

Discontinuous distillation unit C27 Mini working with indirect steam, suitable for the production of Grappa, fruits distillate, whisky, beer distillates and gin

The group is composed of:

An alembic in stainless steel and copper with a working capacity of 300lts, equipped with a slow revolving stirrer driven by a geared motor with control switch placed in plastic box. The alembic is complete with manhole for product loading, butterfly valve for exhausted product discharge, show-glass on the plating, digital thermometer, insulated and coated double wall for steam heating, steam inlet connection with safety valve and globe valve, air breathing connection with relevant discharging device, pressure gauge and digital thermometer, connection for condensate discharge complete with discharging device. The alembic is complete moreover with a copper top dome

Vertical column standing on feet and composed of:

  • Enrichment column with 4 plates, made in copper with reflux condenser on the top. The column is equipped with digital thermometers and each plate is equipped with discharge valve connected to a manifold, that can be used to split the plates and to wash the column. The reflux condenser is consisting in a tubular nest exchanger, made in copper, complete with ball valve to adjust the condensation water.
  • Coolant: consisting in a heat exchanger having adequate section and surface, put into a stainless steel cylindrical container with flanged ends and complete with digital thermometer, placed under the enrichment column.
  • Vat for the alcohol level control consisting in a cylindrical container, made in glass and stainless steel, equipped with alcoholometer, valves for the extraction of “good taste” distillate and bypass for heads and tails of distillation.

Pipings made in copper and AISI 304 stainless steel for the connections of the various components to the outlet of “good taste” distillate.

Technical Data:

Maximum level of Solids: 50% of the 300lts

Steam Working Pressure of 0.2 to 0.5bar with consumption of a maximum of 40 - 50kgs/hour

Total Work Cycle: 2.5 to 4.5 hours

Quantity of 75% distilled product at end of cycle of 9 to 48 litres