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Grace barrel by Tonnellerie dAquitaine

This forest blend of hand selected tight and very tight grain staves has been designed to lead your wine to a well-balanced profile with structure and bright aromatics.

“A superb barrel for your white wines and bright reds.

Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine air-seasons staves on its own premises for 24 to 36 months, guaranteed.

Zenith barrel size/format: 225lt Bordeaux, 225lt Chateau Ferre, 228lt Burgundy, 300lt Hogshead & 500lt Puncheon

Toast Code      Definition
WM -- White Medium: A light Medium suited to white wines, promote minerality, upfront aromas and fruity mid-palate.
M -- Medium: House toast, very elegant integration, long finish, respect wines white and reds.
XM -- Medium Long: Designed for red varietal to maximize red fruit intensity middle palate structure with finesse and intensity.
Intense -- Medium Extra Long: an extra layer of structure and intensity. 
M+ -- Medium+: Elegant toast, respectful of varietals and has proven a great result on Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon across Australia.
XM+ -- Medium+ Long: Designed for concentrated red wines

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