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Niko Belt Press

The belt press is designed for pressing fruit mass, usually apples in the cider producing industry.

The fruit mass is automatically placed on the belt which presses it against cylinders. The obtained juice flows in the collection trays under the press. The pressing process is continuous.


  • Made in Stainless Steel and fixed to wheels
  • Automatic operation
  • Level switch in the juice hopper
  • Equipped with compressor
  • Easy to clean with no inaccessible areas
  • The cleaning of the belt is performed by the installed high pressure cleaner, scraper & brush
  • Pneumatic lifting of the security cover
  • The nominal yield is 75% from the fruit, but this dependant on the quality and harvest time

Models: TP50 with an hourly production of 700kgs

            TP65 with an hourly production of 1500kgs

            TP120 with an hourly production of 3000kgs

The following are two videos showing the Niko Belt Press in operation:

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