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Niko Fruit Washer

This unit is designed for washing and cleaning fruit before processing.

The fruit is washed with water and soft brushes leaving it undamaged.


  • A frequency converter is installed in the control panel for speed regulation and therefore production rate.
  • Gradual exchange of water during washing: fresh water flows at the exit point of the fruit, while the waste water overflows at the entrance of the washer.
  • Long slide at the outlet for draining the fruit and removal of impurities
  • Made in Stainless Steel and fixed to wheels
  • The brushes are detachable for easy cleaning after use.
  • The cover can be opened to allow easy access for cleaning purposes
  • Installed control panel.

Models: JP3000 with an adjustable production of 300 to 3,000kgs per hour

            JP6000 with an adjustable production of 300 to 6,000kgs per hour