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Niko Pneumatic Fruit Press

The Niko pneumatic press is the preferred option for larger batch pressing of fruit.

The Niko press is specially designed for processing fruit mass, especially apples, featuring additional drainage channels for quicker juice extraction and the added bonus of not blocking up. 

Higher extraction can be achieved with the Niko Fruit press than a belt press because of the additional pvc screens. With apples extraction levels of +/- 80% can be achieved and when using enzymes at +/- 85%.


  • The PVC additional drainage screens running vertically inside the tank are critical for effective extraction of juice from the fruit mash.
  • Automatic pressing cycles have pre-set increasing pressures, holding times and rotations (for mass breaking). All parameters are adjustable.
  • Pressing is conducted by a food grade pvc membrane inflated by the installed compressor
  • Axial Ball Valve allows automatic loading of the mash from the pump, with quicker drainage.
  • Easy to clean with no inaccessible areas
  • Made in Stainless Steel and fixed to wheels

 Models - Volumes = approximate milled Capacity:

VP11e - 1100lts = 1650kgs                                                                                                   VP15e - 1500lts = 2250kgs

VP21e - 2100lts = 3150kgs

VP26   - 2600lts = 3900kgs

VP32   - 3200lts = 4800kgs

VP44   - 4400lts = 6600kgs

VP52   - 5200lts = 7800kgs