|Niko Press with optional platform Enlarge
  • |Niko slotted tank and double doors
  • |non perforated double doors
  • |loptional loading hopper for whole bunches
  • |optional Extension Legs to allow a fruit bin underneath
  • |optional Pneumatic sealing door
  • |optional Pedastal Control Panel
  • |optional Dimple Plate

Niko Pneumatic Wine Press

The Niko Penumatic Press is a well regarded option for those start up wineries looking for an affordable press from a quality European manufacturer. The Niko presses and cider processing equipment have previously been successfully sold into Australia, so they are a proven manufacturer.


  • Available in a closed tank or slotted tank
  • PLC Control touch screen standard on larger models and optional on the smaller models.
  • Automatic pressing cycles: with Pre-set and also Adjustable/Customer Programmes .
  • Pressing is conducted by a food grade pvc membrane inflated by the installed compressor
  • Double Door provides a larger opening for loading of whole bunches or red ferments from the tank or bin (except the smallest model VP5). The doors are avialable perforated or solid.
  • Axial Ball Valve allows automatic loading.
  • Easy to clean with no inaccessible areas
  • Made in Stainless Steel and fixed to wheels

Models - Volumes = approximate capacity with crushed white grapes:

VP5e   -   500lts = 1000kgs

VP8e   -   800lts = 1600kgs

VP11e - 1100lts = 2200kgs

VP15e - 1500lts = 3000kgs

VP21e - 2100lts = 4200kgs

VP26   - 2600lts = 5200kgs

VP32   - 3200lts = 6400kgs

VP44   - 4400lts = 8800kgs

VP52   - 5200lts = 10,400kgs.       


Single Phase for models  VP5e, VP8e and VP11e

Leg Extensions to allow a fruit bin underneath

Level Switch in the juice tray

Pneumatic Doors and Axial Valve

Platform attached to the mainframe

Dimple Plate on the press tank

Loading Hopper for the door

Pedastal PLC control Panel 

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