Lobe Pump with trolley|Lobe Pump with trolley Enlarge
  • Omac Bi-Lobe Pump|Omac Bi-Lobe Pump
  • Inside a S/Steel Tri-Lobe Pump|Inside a S/Steel Tri-Lobe Pump
  • Omac Tri-Lobe Pump cut view|Omac Tri-Lobe Pump cut away view

OMAC S/Steel Lobe Pumps

Stainless Steel lobe pumps has been designed especially for the beverage, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries for which they must comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements. OMAC pumps are postive displacement, low pulsation and low shear units providing a gentle transfer.


  • Parts in contact manufactured in 316 S/Steel
  • Tri-Lobe rotors which rotate synchronously without touching.
  • The pumped liquid forms a continuous stream thanks to the tolerances between the lobe and pump casing.
  • Sanitary design with Hygienic inlet/outlet fittings
  • Sanitary mechanical seals,
  • Internal finishing Ra less than 0.8um
  • Electronic Variable Speed with Radio or Cable Remote
  • Mounted directly on a s/steel trolley with pneumatic wheels
  • Maximum head pressure 22 bar
  • Maximum working temperature 120°C


  • SLR 25 with 1” fittings, flows up to 6,500 lts/Hr
  • SLR 40 with 1½” fittings, flows up to 16,800 lts/Hr
  • B220 with 2” fittings, flows up to 29,000 lts/Hr
  • B330 with 3” fittings, flows up to 41,000 lts/Hr
  • SLR 100 with 4” fittings, flows up to 78,000 lts/Hr


  • Hygienic Pressure Switch on the outlet connected to the VSD.
  • By-Pass for Filtration tasks
  • Internal finishing Ra less than 0.4um

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