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Apple Pear Optical Sorters by Protec

Apple and Pear Optical Sorting machines: a complete range from whole fruits to slices-diced and puree-compotes

Protec’s solutions for apples and pears sorting cover the products’ entire processing chain. Whole apples and pears are sorted by color, and rotten products removed. 

Apple and pear compotes and pulps, used also in baby food, require thorough sorting: Protec’s sorters detect very small defects and guarantee a pure, excellent quality, pleasant and safe product.

Their sorter detects with great accuracy and reliability defects, processing residues, and impurities in diced, sliced, cut apples or pears.

The Extrasorter separates unrip or rotten fruit from the production line. It also identifies foreign bodies such as leaves, wood and plastic. The output flow therefore only contains fruit suitable to be processed. The sorter features an effective colour-based selection system to identify fruit of the incorrect colours and an infrared lighting system to detect foreign matter, which would be overlooked by conventional vision systems which use visible light. The electro-pneumatic ejector blade system effectively targets small fruit such as lemons, limes and clementines and large sized fruit such as oranges and grapefruits. ExtraSorter models: 20C production of 23 T/hr and 500mm belt width; 30C production of 34 T/hr and 750mm belt width; 40C production of 45 T/hr and 1000mm belt width and 60C production of 60Ton/hr and 1500mm belt width.

The Duett is an air blast sorter with 2 or 4 cameras for diced, sliced or wedged apples, fresh or dehydrated (chips). The sorter identifies defects such as dark marks, pip residues, stalks and other impurities in various types of unfinished apple products. The product is conveyed by two belts; the first one is horizontal and the second one is tilted.
At the output of the conveyor belt, the product is illuminated by a powerful light; the vision system inspects the product on both sides and the defects are rejected by an accurate and powerful compressed air ejection system. Duett ensures maximum sorting efficiency with minimum error. Duett models: 50-50 production of 3-9 T/hr and 1050mm belt width; 150-150 production of 5-15 Ton/hr and 1563mm belt width. 

The Aspirx sorter is for compote, pulp and puree. Compote is made of cooked apple pulp and is used in many recipes and has an excellent appearance and is usually sold in glass jars; its quality is enhanced if the impurities are separated from it. Puree is usually sold for home use and must be free from impurities, especially when used for baby food. AspirX eliminates impurities with a high level of accuracy, making the product pleasant even for the most sensitive palates. The AspirX F sorter has an accurate vision system that identifies even the smallest defects. Thanks to the exclusive defect removing suction system, the sorter supplies an output product with excellent organoleptic properties and high commercial value. Aspirx models: 50-50 production of 1-7 T/hr and 500mm belt width; 100-100 production of 6-13 T/hr and 1000mm belt width; 150-150 production of 9-22 Ton/hr and 1500mm belt width.


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