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Wine Grape Optical Sorter by Protec

Protec is an experienced Italian manufacturer for the optical sorting of equipment across the whole of the fresh fruit and vegetable industries for over 25 years. With the X-TRI they have used their expertise in manufacturing a dedicated optical sorter for the wine industry. How does it work?

Once grapes have been destemmed, they are brought on a vibrating table and then moved to the X-TRI unit belt equipped with up to 3 different light systems for a deep grape analysis:
• with 1 camera (usually green parts), machine will reject all green parts (leaves, stems, green berries. This camera detects with the help of LED lamps emitting red light if the product contains chlorophyll.
• with 2 cameras (usually green parts + foreign bodies) as above plus foreign bodies like stones, animals, plastic parts, cans, and other. This camera detects, with the help of LED lamps emitting infrared light, these unwanted parts.
• with 3 cameras (usually green parts + foreign bodies + rotten) as above plus rotten berries. This camera detects, with the help of LED lamps emitting white light, the ripeness of the berries and will reject the rotten grapes.
Rejected matter is expelled with an air blast.
The good product on the free fall lands then on a below conveyor for subsequent processing.
The optical system also detects unripe grapes (of different color), that can be removed along with the other defects.
The customer decides which defects needs to be removed by setting grape properties in the software.
Suitable to work for both red and white grapes, it has an easy maintenance and hassle-free cleaning.
There is no comparable equipment on the market for the wine sorting with the same performance and quality.

Models available with indicative capacity: XTri 50 (5 tons/hour); XTri 100 (10 tons/hour) and XTri 150 (15 tons/hour)

Notable references: Château Lafite Rotschild x 2; Château Mouton Rotschild; Joseph Drouhin; Haute Brion; Château Léoville-Poyferré; Château Léoville-Las Cases; Château Mont-Redon in France. In the USA: Laird Family Estate; Covert Estate; Cardinale

YouTube link of the X-Tri sorter in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC2p7S21JWQ

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