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Reda Centrifuges for Beer

Reda centrifuges are currently installed in the Australian and New Zealand markets are one of the most affordable units on the market.


  • An Electronic Inverter is installed providing 2 speeds for clarification of high and low solid liquids.
  • The inverte also reduces the power spike during start up.
  • High Speed and High G-Force for better clarification to allow only an extra final cartridge filtration post centrifuge.
  • Liquid Ring Seal provides a hermetic operation for clarification of carbonated liquids.
  • Nitrogen Injection providing the best protection for the wine.
  • Vibration control system with CIP for automatically cleaning the bowl when it is heavily dirty.
  • Completely manufactured in S/Steel with contact parts in a super duplex s/steel.
  • Fast and effective discharge using a ‘Partial Shot’ and wider discharge openings.
  • A continuous process provided by the Water-hydraulic system to automatically open and close the bowl for solids discharge.



 Output before final cartridge filtration 

  Output for high fermentation

 RE30 BR

    3,000 - 4,000lts per Hour

   5,000 - 7,000lts per Hour

 RE50 BR

    5,000 - 6,000lts per Hour

   7,000 - 12,000lts per Hour

 RE85 BR

    7,000 - 12,000lts per Hour

 18,000 - 20,000lts per Hour

 RE130 BR

 15,000 - 20,000lts per Hour

 25,000 - 30,000lts per Hour


  • In-Line Turbidimeter is connected to PLC for adjustment of the automatic discharge
  • S/Steel Lobe Pump for feedig the centrofuge
  • Brush Filter for use with liquids with hard solids particles.
  • Pump for transfer of discharge sludge.

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