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Reda PolyPhenol Extractors


For extracting maximum colour, structure and flavours for high yield, ‘wet’ and diseased harvests.



  • Continuous process between destemmer and fermenter.
  • Rapid increase of must temperature to 68-72°C and then quickly dropping it back to ferment requirements.
  • Polyphenol extraction is 30-60% higher allowing for shorter ferment times and better vintage management
  • Will inactivate Lacasse caused by Botrytis affected grapes
  • Outside of vintage can be used as another heat exchanger
  • Control Board with PLC for automatic management
  • Installed Chiller & Heat Pump so it is a ‘plug & play’ operation.
  • Thermal Recovery system for 60-70% energy saving.


Models & Productions:

  • EPR F 50 - 5,000lts per hour.
  • EPR F 100 - 10,000lts per hour.
  • EPR F 200 - 20,000lts per hour.



  • Models without the installed Heat/Cooling unit, drawing instead from existing infrastructure.

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