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Mussel Optical Sorters

For the seafood products processing industry Protec have developed a specific line of whole mussels sorting machines.

Protec mussel sorter can detect and separate mussels uniform in color and shell integrity from broken or rotten mussels as well as mussels with calcareous concretions.

The system is based on hexa-chromatic vision technology capable of:

  • identifying and rejecting mussels that do not conform to standards based on the color;
  • identifying and rejecting foreign bodies such as leaves, twigs, wood splinters, stones, fabric, insects, plastic and cans.

The Extrasorter 3W machine features avant-guard electronic technology and thanks to its size, it is particularly adaptable to high-capacity production lines, as it is able to reach a maximum circumference radius of 150 cm, plus a loading capacity for walnuts of 20 t/h (Extrasorter 150 3W). In fact, the sorting system is available in different formats (50, 75, 100 and 150) and is able to adapt to different production lines and capacities. The sorter consists of:

• two vision units
• a cleaning and washing system for the vision units
• two ejection units
• a frame suitable for the conveyor and motorisation system
• a power panel containing the electronic command circuit