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Semi Automatic Cadalpe Cross Flow Filter for cider and juices

The Cross Flow model “C41 S”, thanks to the automatic control of some of the parameters requires only the occasional presence of the operator. It is therefore a cost effective filtration tool for the small producer.

The distinct advantages of the Cadalpe Cross Flow Filters are:

PES Polyethersulfone membranes with 1.5mm diameter capillaries and a surface area of 10mtsq per module which are proven to the best suited for ciders and juices in Australia and overseas (South Africa).

Compact design with easy maneuverability means it can be tucked away neatly while working or while in storage.

S/Steel Control Board, IP55, with digital display and control switches for various filtration and washing tasks.

Installed Control Instruments featuring Digital Flow Meter, Pressure Transducers, Pressure Gauge, PT100 Digital Thermometer and Level Probes.

Pre-Filter comprising a metallic cartridge of 150um, suitable for protection against occasional gross solids from either the cellar or wash tanks .  

Installed Buffer transit tank receiving the filtered product.

Specific Centrifugal Pump for entry (feed), and washing.

Specific Centrifugal Pump for tangential flow across the membranes

Models, no. of Modules & Production:

C41S-02 has 2 modules with 600 - 2,500 Lts/Hr

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