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Sommet barrel by Tonnellerie dAquitaine

The premium Sommet barrel profile is reached by carefully hand selecting the staves with the tightest grain from France’s most prestigious forests, providing elegant volume, brightness and intense aromatics to the wine.

“A Premier barrel for bright fruit expression and soft tannin.”

Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine air-season staves on its own premises for 24 to 36 months, guaranteed.

Zenith barrel size/format: 225lt Bordeaux, 225lt Chateau Ferre, 228lt Burgundy, 300lt Hogshead & 500lt Puncheon

Toast Code      Definition
WM -- White Medium: A light Medium suited to white wines, promote minerality, upfront aromas and fruity mid-palate.
M -- Medium: House toast, very elegant integration, long finish, respect wines white and reds.
XM -- Medium Long: Designed for red varietal to maximize red fruit intensity middle palate structure with finesse and intensity.
Intense -- Medium Extra Long: an extra layer of structure and intensity. 
M+ -- Medium+: Elegant toast, respectful of varietals and has proven a great result on Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon across Australia.
XM+ -- Medium+ Long: Designed for concentrated red wines

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