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Sraml Pulper Destoner machine

The two stage Destoner Pulper can be installed as a stand alone for the processing of ripe stone fruit. The single stage pulper is usually installed as part of a process line. A specially designed rotor is available for the processing of mangoes. The final processed product is a fruit puree.


Destoning is accomplished by means of rotor, working concentrically within a s/steel cylindrical sieve screen. The rotor gently grinds the fruit against the sieve, which will separate the mash from the stones. The rotor is designed with rubber parts, which will contract in case of pressure increase on the stone. This feature prevents stones from getting burned or being broken in the destoning process. Destoning can be accomplished on fruits with solid stones, e.g. apricot, plum, cherry; not suitable for peaches (see stand alone Destoner).

With the two stage unit, destoning and pulping finishing can be accomplished on the same machine, with no need to pump the mash between the destoning and pulping finishing. 


Made in Stainless Steel and fixed to pivoting wheels

Sieve Screens (0.5mm up to 15mm holes) can be interchanged to work with different fruits.

The puree screen is usually supplied with 0.8mm holes

Equipped with feed hopper with also an inlet connection for fruit to be fed by elevator or mash pump

Removable puree collection tray equipped with level probe or puree at the outlet.

Quick and easy cleaning after use.


Single Stage Pulper P1000 with a production up to 1 tons per hour

Single Stage Pulper P2000 with a production up to 2 tons per hour

Two Stage Destoner Pulper 2P1000 with a production up to 1 tons per hour

Two Stage Destoner Pulper 2P2000 with a production up to 2 tons per hour