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Stalk Shredder TRM Basic manufacturerd by GBM

Stalks are the unwanted reject from the harvesting and destemming process that need to be either transported offsite to a disposal site or to a compost site for nature to slowly mulch it.

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TRM Basic for 2 tons/Hr of stalks = Destemmers up to 40 tons/Hr with hand picked bunches and 25 tons per hour with machine picked bunches containing larger MOG

Stalks represent 5% of the weight but up to 80% of the bunch mass.

With a destemmer processing 20 tons per hour of handpicked grapes can expect up to 1 ton of stalk mass. For a larger winery destemming machine picked grapes at 60 tons per hour can expect at least 1 – 2 tons of stalks matter.

There can be a considerable cost in transporting this off site or even down to the ‘back paddock’ to create your own compost.

The installation of a stalk shredder can dramatically reduce this cost as it will reduce the stalk matter to less than 5mm bits which can represent up to a 80% reduction of the stalk mass. This will save you on your transport costs and/or quicken your composting process!


  • Frame and structure manufactured in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Mincing process composed of 2 series of sharpened knives: one stationary the other rotating
  • Knife rotating speed of 3000rpm
  • Anti-Locking system installed
  • Electrically operated
  • Electric Control Panel

Price: $13,950

Terms: All Prices listed are PLUS GST, and quoted ex-Melbourne. Price is applicable only to unit in stock.