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Sulphitometers by Cadalpe

The Cadalpe sulphitometer is a simple, practical and safe device to accurately dose pure Sulphur Dioxide into juice or wine. The Sulphur Dioxide can be administered as a gas or liquid.

The recessed glass scale is of particular note for safety reasons when working in wineries.


  • Manufactured in Aisi 316 Stainless Steel
  • Capacity to hold up to 6kg of liquid Sulphur dioxide (5kg version)
  • Klinger toughened glass mirror with graduated scale in grams: every 10g (1kg) and  50g (5kg model).
  • The glass scale is recessed in the housing protecting it from breakages.
  • Hose with unions and reductions for Sulphur Dioxide filling.
  • Four Sample Cocks (with ½” male hose nipple) to perform the following:

Sulphur Dioxide Gas dispensing, Sulphur Dioxide Liquid dispensing

Sulphur Dioxide Filling and Emptying

Model:             C13 – 1kg

Dimensions:    250 x 130 x 535 (Ht) mm; Weight: 6.6kg Empty, 8.2kg Full         

Model:             C13 – 5kg

Dimensions:    260 x 260 x 710 (Ht) mm; Weight: 8.3kg Empty; 14.3kg Full       

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