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  • |1 ton Vibrating Hopper at work in Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Vibrating Hoppers


To allow the unloading of crates or small bins for a regulated and even feeding onto a sorting table, elevator or directly into a destemmer.


  • S/Steel table & frame with 2 Vibrating Motors.
  • Table section supported by 2 special springs
  • Perforated grille section for drainage of water, juice or ‘jacks’.
  • Juice collection tray with separate outlet.
  • Stabilising feet.
  • TV 500 comprises a s/steel hopper extension bolted to the TV250 model.
  • TV 1000 comprises a separate s/steel overhopper straddling a short vibrating table.


            TV 130 - 1340 x 680mm hopper suitable for picking crates

            TV 250 - 1600 x 810mm hopper suitable for small bins & picking crates

            TV 500 - 1656 x 1588mm hopper suitable for unloading 500kg bins (‘Nally’ type)

            TV 1000 - 2131 x 1529mm hopper suitable for unloading 1000kg bins


  • Inverter to change vibration speed
  • An extra tray underneath for collection of ‘jacks’
  • PVC grille instead of s/steel
  • Wheels for movement around the winery
  • 240v, Single Phase power input.