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VinPilot Compact


The VinPilot®Compact single tank control was especially developed for small cellars to enable “cooled fermentation” with only minimal financial input.

Whether used for cooled fermentation or the control of biological acid degradation – the single cabinet control allows the operator peace of mind. The VinPilot®Compact is designed on a 24V basis to ensure a safety first approach. It is provided with a transformer and due to the professional distribution system the operator can control up to five tanks. The newly designed housing has the connections at the back and is fully protected against splashes.

The VinPilot® Compact units are connected to the transformer via a distribution box. Up to five controllers can be connected with the transformer via a 6 metre lengthening piece and a second distributer. All control systems have as a standard a nickel-plated solenoid valve with a strainer and are provided together with a 6 metre sensor as well as with a water proof system connector on a 6 metre wire lead.