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VinPilot FermControl (Regulated Fermentation)


VinPilot Fermcontrol - intelligent fermentation according to the sugar consumption

The possibility of fermenting due to pre-set temperature curves and to record them is an interesting feature of winery automation. However, every oenologist has always wished to have a fermentation control depending on decreasing density or on the sugar level. During the past years WFT have developed an easy but accurate principle and combined it with professional software into a system ready for use.

With fermentation according to CO2 the temperature is adjusted automatically in dependence on the fermentation velocity. If the required fermentation rate is not reached, the system gives an alarm and adequate actions can be taken to prevent a stop of fermentation. This leads to a very gentle fermentation and moreover offers the possibility to ferment also at low temperatures without any risk.


The graphs shown visualize how the system is adapting the temperature to obtain a constant fermentation rate.


In the last years WFT have been very successful with their measuring system.
But WFT did not like the fact that the system neede extra piping and that it was limited with the tank size. Therefore there was only one possibility: solve the problems.

So WFT kept on working for an easier installation and handling.
With Marko Hoerner they got a partner who had already much experience with CO2 controlled fermentation; his measuring system won the Intervitis innovation award 2010.

Together they developed a measuring unit which works perfect with the VinPilot hard- and software solution. The new system is very flexible and can be plugged on every tank; no extra installation is necessary and it´s possible to work with nearly all tank sizes.

The following models are available for the tank volumes indicated:

FC-3      500      – 10,000lt
FC-5      1000    – 20,000lt
FC-7      5000    – 35,000lt
FC-9      10,000 – 100,000lt


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