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VinPilot Pro2

The new VinPilot® Profi product line combines not only proven technology with a modern design it is also easy to use and ensures more operating reliability.

The newly developed, water proof housing (manufactured in Germany) makes it possible to have an integrated display and a modern membrane keyboard, which is connected to your PC. The Pro2 is the new generation of temperature controllers of the VinPilot Profi series.

The biggest development shown in the VinPilot Pro2 is removal of the need for an additional connection box. Now the installation is simpler (and cheaper) as each Pro2 is connected to its neighbour by a single 3 core wire that transfers 24v power and data going to the PC.

The displays for the temperature and the mode of function show the most important information directly at the the fermenter and the fermentation process can be influenced if needed easily and directly by using the water proof membrane keyboard.

The possibility of using additional functions like the fermentation according to CO2, the micro-macro oxygenation or a pump cycle control is part of the functional range as is for all other types of VinPilot® Profi.

As with the other VinPilot systems the operator has the choice installing the WFT motorised ball valves (better than solenoids as they have a wider bore opening and don't require a pre-filter). Of course the VinPilot systems can operate with pre-installed valves or other units preferred by the operator.