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VinPilot Profi Panel

Using VinPilot®Profi Panel you can set up a modern control center in your cellar where you always have an overview. A strong cost/performance ratio combined with a high operating reliability and easy handling was the principal aim during the development of the VinPilot® control cabinet.

The fermentation temperature controller VinPilot® guides your wine through the fermentation, controls acid degradation and guarantees an optimal storing temperature. As cooling, heating, or automatic modes are standard you have all necessary functions ready to use.

The menu navigation is set up in a logical and easy to handle way. A clear display permanently informs you about the status of your VinPilot®.

Even in case of power failure your adjustments will be stored and the VinPilot® will continue its work after the interruption. If the temperature should differ from the specified value, the controller will give an alarm. There are various sizes of the cabinet (10, 20, 30,40 – cabinet) which allow you to invest in future expansion. The modular system enables you to implement your cabinet to suit your requirements and to expand it easily whenever you want to.



  • Easy to handle  
  • Operating reliability
  • Input via PC or directly in the cellar
  • Different sizes of cabinets available
  • Possibility of combination with other types of VinPilot®Profi